Funky V

Funky V was born (1982) in Antwerp, BE.
His first name is Vitas, but all his friends call him “V” … hence DJ Funky V 😊

Although being probably the biggest Guns n’ Roses fan alive, Vitas developed a passion for house music at the age of 15, when he started visiting Belgian clubs.
His main hangouts were Illusion and BBC, where he got in touch with so called Retro House.

Soon after, Vitas started mixing Retro House and Hardcore at the age of 17. Back then with just 2 turntables, a double deck cd player and a simple mixer. Nothing as fancy as the pioneer consoles he plays with these days.
For about 5 years, Vitas was performing frequently at parties, but after graduating he put his DJ career on hold. The love for mixing never faded and in 2016 he decided to re-start his DJ activities.

Over the years his passion for Retro house has remained, but as he grew older, he started to appreciate some other genres of house music. These days he mainly plays a mix of deep house, tech house, minimal and melodic house.

In 2019 Mr. V moved from Belgium to Croatia and is building on a new DJ career over there. So far with success.

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