Khalid aka DJ K’LID is one of the most talented DJs in North Africa. Since his early childhood, Khalid has been a music lover. As a child, he collected James Brown tapes . . . never satisfied with music, he listens, discovers all musical styles

It is at the side of the famous Claude CHALLE, who considers him as his spiritual son, that Khalid became DJ K’LID, a sickly perfectionist and addicted to the most perfect sound.

k’lid Resident DJ of the now famous Comptoir Darna in Marrakech (the trendiest before in Morocco), for more than 19 years now, he has been inventing and redefining the Comptoir’s unique sound every day. Great creator of atmosphere, it must be admitted that Khalid has greatly contributed to the renown of the Comptoir in the world, emblematic establishment of the Marrakchia nights, considered by the very serious Sunday Times, as one of the 10 best bars in the world”; .

From the beautiful people of Marrakech to tourists from all over the world, including showbiz celebrities, passing through the red city, no one is mistaken, an evening at the Comptoir is not to be forgotten! Especially when the divine K’LID is on the decks! Always ready to share his turntables, Khalid has hosted some of the most prestigious DJs on the planet such as Eric Morillo, Charles Chilling, Stéphane Pompougnac, Emmanuel S, Martin Morales, Pathaan, ChrisCoco, DJ Felix, Amine. k , Pablo Fierro, etc.

DJ K’LID was indeed the elected representative of the airline company TRANSAVIA in Paris who invited him to make an exclusive compilation for the launch of the transavia.com program.

K’LID is also invited as guest DJ:

Mandala Ray – Paris, France

La Cantine du Faubourg – Paris, France

Al Khaima – Guadalajara, Mexique

Love Love – Royan, France

Saikuk – Tulum , Mexique

Aplaya the Beach Bar – Boracay ,Philippine

KÜBA Restaurant & Bar Lounge – Bodrum , turquie

Noumi Grill & Bar – bern, suisse

At the end of February 2010, he released his very first album LOVELY REPRISES on Wagram, followed by DANCING REPRISES in May 2011, still with Claude CHALLE

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