Oliver Land

Oliver Land is a DJ and Producer from Granada, Spain. Despite his youth, he was born in 1978, he is growing faster in the global techno scene.

He fell in love with music when he was a child and became a DJ at the beginning of the 90s when the techno culture was at its height peak. He started deejaying when he was fifteen at discos in his hometown.

As a DJ Oliver is opened to a wide variety of styles, from house to minimal techno, and he combines a perfect technique always with the aim to keep people dancing.

His style shows combination of the most vibrant techno house and minimal techno in such a way that you cannot stop moving.

This wise combination is his brand name and he is one of the most respected and acclaimed DJs in Andalucía. This is due to his passion for music and, obviously, it the result of his total devotion to the production and mixing of his unforgettable sets. He has been invited to many of the most important festivals and he has deejayed with the best international artists: MARCO CAROLA , Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed, Marco Bailey, Gaetano Parisio, Terry lee browm, Colin Dale , Dylan Drazen (New York), Surgeón (U.K.), James Ruskin, Percy X (Soma.rec./Uk). and with the “high society” of the Spanish Techno, such as Oscar Mulero or Cristian Valera,Cuartero,Miguel Bastida, wade, Oscar de Rivera, etc …

Nowadays, he has his own radio programme,”TheOne @ Club Feeling Radio Show in: The One. around the world.

He started deejaying in Granada at “Industrial Copera” one of the most famous clubs in the south of Spain. He shows a fine technique and precision, he is a master at the mixing table, and he is easily recognized for the intensity of his sets and his truly personal style, quick and effective which makes it suitable for small clubs and massive events.

His favourite styles are the most minimalist techno-house and avant-garde.

Oliver is also a founder of “Spiral Vibes”, a company which has organized the most prestigious parties ever given in Granada, with famous guest DJs. They have also collaborated with large companies in Andalucía like “Satisfaxion”, ¨Natural¨, “Hibernia”, “Inercia”, “Destiny”, “Legend”, “S.U.D.”, etc…

He is specially good at creating and producing his own Música Electronica (Techno House, Minimal Techno, etc…).

Oliver is a complete artist, and he is an essential part to know the story of dance music in the beautiful city of Granada and Marbella.

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