Plastik Funk

Plastic Fantastic – “House Music made in Germany”

Plastik Funk has stood for “house music made in Germany” for over two decades.

The gigs are a mixture of euphoria, joy of life and collective Freak out.

An oversized and loud hand’s up: The musical temperament was given to Rafael Ximenez with Spanish Roots practically in the cradle.

Even as a child Rafael – thanks to his parents – came across music of different epochs, piano and violin. For him and his Siblings a big fun.

At 15 he plays professional baseball, learns American Hip Hop and plays with vinyl’s. Then he hears a mix tape for the first time by David Morales. And the love of house and techno was born.

Since then it’s all about electronic music.

Meanwhile the DJ and producer has his own, cross-genre music style: Bliss-House. A mixture of cheerful, summer tunes with singing. Uplifting music, for dancing and Jumping: “Bliss-House makes you happy”!

At the gigs, plastic funk interacts with the audience, the people become part of the show itself. With full body use and microphone in his hand Plastik Funk performs not only behind but also on the DJ deck.

These are the moments, whether in a small club or a huge festival, that make smart artists happy. To experience the fans, how they freak out on their own tracks.

Over the years Plastik Funk has established itself with own productions worldwide.

The international dance and beatport charts would be unthinkable without it.

Plastik Funks tour leads from Brazil to Japan and almost everything else that is in between. Especially the Asian gigs have influenced Rafael and the goose bumps at festivals like Tomorrowland.

Ibiza is his second home during the summer months.

Meanwhile Rafael knows the different tastes and Party traditions. Every country is different. Always looking for something new it is the variety that attracts him.

On the Plastic Fantastic Route we continue our way forward.

Funk you very much!

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