Suzi Suzuki

Whereas other little girls played with dolls in their preschool years, Suzi played with vinyl and was already deeply interested in her father s big funky music collection. Although she was not allowed to, she

couldn’t stop sneaking into the stereo and putting the needle on the record once and again. When she was a teenager she escaped to LONDON where she got infected by UndergrounD TechnO.

This never-ending LOVE for music and creativity lead her junior steps on the professional ground in 1996.

Since then she has been rockin ́ wildly all kind of dancefloors around the globe. Sexy deephousy beats combined with sophisticated and constantly different looks shape up the

UniquE style of Suzi Suzuki.

After travelling the whole wide world collecting a huge variety of influences and ideas, she finally put up her base in Ibiza/Spain and Cologne/Germany.

During these years of Suzi ́s glittering career radio has been her most favourite media and, at the end of the crazy 90ies ,she had her own show at „Evosonic Radio“.

More recently, she got part of the THE ONE crew after (beloved) manager Derek D heard her playing.

-My music is your food- became her motto and over the years Suzi created lots of different projects.

Back in 2002 she founded her own very girlie and cosy studio called „Beatkitchen“.

Suzi feels home in a very large range of musical genres. as her CREATIVITY has NO LIMITS, that s why she also started producing music for movies and TV companies like Endemol or Jack in the Tube Productions.

2014 is the year when the label „SUZUKI`S BEATKITCHEN“ was born. and so far, five killa releases have kicked off quite successfully. The idea of creating happenings that touch all your senses made her develop the programme for -Suzuki ́s Beatkitchen Labelnights- Nine extremly colorful events have rocked in Ibiza and Germany. so far, so check out the following ons and get the taste of da BEATKITCHEN soon !

MeanWhile spice up ur life with following her BRANDNEW YouTubeChannel…highly successful with over 100.000 hits on the „BadAssMixes“.

Since the beginning of this year, Suzi almost lives in her studio and various other SoundKitchens around Europe like Ibiza, London and Berlin, WATCH OUT for her ReleaseS .

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